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Thread: Give Away: TV, e-learning, and many more

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    Just ask and it's yours... -- currently in beta [tv] [tv]
    demonoid [ need i say? ] [romanial hdtv & movies] [o-day music]

    For following i REQUIRE at least 2 screenies

    Acid aka Acid [build for gamers but has general content]
    Respect The Seed [scene]
    Horrorcharnel [horror movies] [ gr tracker ]
    Docs [ e- learning ]
    Kraytracker [ music ]
    Learnbits [e-learning ]
    RevTT [ scene ]
    OiNK [music and more]
    S*C [ scene ]

    General Guidelines:

    Please do not think that those invites are burden on me, no they are not and if i don't find the "right" person, i am more than happy to keep them to myself. So, i would say, provide as much detail as you can. Especially for sites as RevTT, OiNK, S*C, reveal about urself and most of all make me feel comfortable inviting you.


    I don't care what you do with other account, none of my business. But, you may not cheat, trade or flame other through an account created from invite i provide.

    You are NOT eligible to participate...

    If you cheat, yes it's my business if you ever cheated...once a cheater almost always a cheater.
    I don't mind people who trade somewhat but if you are legit trade...skip this thread please.
    ABSOLUTELY NO PM!!! You will be automatically disqualified if you do so. Plus, i might not consider you in my future giveaways.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    you must also agree that u won't hurt/hunt/harm squirr3ls

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    Thanks for the great giveaway.

    Can i get considered for RevTT invite? I've been wanting to get into that site for a while because I hear great things. (TL is great but I want my porn in one spot ). I consider myself a good sharer and never cheats and will give back to the community when i get back invites. Below are my screens of ratio and speedtest.


    TL ratio:
    Hdbits ratio:

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    Hey "Rat with a fluffy tail"! Can I get a Learningbits invite off ya? Thanks bro!
    "Dude, where's my rar?"

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    Thanks for this giveaway brother

    If the OiNk still available i want it, i hear it's a good music tracker and i hope join in it.

    Speed Test

    In last i can promise to Saving my account, maybe i didn't download a hundred of gigs but the only thing i can do i didn't cheating and respect the rules.

    Thanks brother.

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    as an ex usenet until 3 months ago i had an access to a large lossless music data base.
    for now the only thing that i need is a very good alternative with a huge data base of music and especially lossless music.
    u can offer me FTN or SCT for free and i will tell u no ty,not bc
    i have it,but bc i don't need it.

    i am not a trader nor a collector and never have been a member there,
    in fact i just heard of them when quit from usenet back to the bitorrent.


    if u want more proofs,just ask for.

    ps:this reply is a copy/paste from other thread about oink.

    ty in advance.

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    ok i read rules and here is proof

    i want learnbits



    and one thing I love e-learning and i am never trade this account

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    Oink pelase:


    Another proof:

    as i am honest, i'm moderator on a warez forum.
    Here you have my proof,:

    (i cut some parts of my nick to protect myself)

    And i won't hurt/hunt/harm squirr3ls xD

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