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Thread: Editing My Nokia

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    i wanna change the IMEI # of my nokia 6310i.

    does ne1 no a program which allows me 2 do this (i have a cable connection 4 my phone, so hooking it up 2 my comp isnt a problem)???? ive searched the net already, and all i can come up with is software 2 kill the simlock( which isnt on there cause i bought it with a subsription........)
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    I have a nokia cell, Ive actually had it for a while. They seem to be the only brand of cell phones compatible with my laptop. However, I dial in with my nokia when Im away from my cable modem. Just recently I set up a vpn so I can dial in with my nokia on my laptop and log in to a vpn on my xp box. Surfing is just as fast as if I was at home.

    Seems to me like you may need to find some type of phone phreaking software. Nokias arent that hard to get codes for either. Just keep searching on the net.

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    emule for nokia software.


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