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Thread: iPod nano 3rd gen colors

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    so i'm undecided which color nano should i get. i'm thinking black or blue. so if anyone has got hi-res pictures of both for me to decide

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    tried this, there are mostly 2nd gens and official apple pictures are weird

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    Go into a shop and ask to have a look, most will go and get you one to have a look or have a display model.

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    The 2nd Gens look better than the 3rd gen IMO.
    I know because my dad has a 3rd and my sister has a 2nd.

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    Get the black, or dark-dark grey if you want to be precise. The blue and green are girls colors. At least that's what i experience when people buy the new ipods in my shop.

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    Get the grey one! It is less delicate

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    Black definitely, but red comes in second.


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