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Thread: BitTorrent (TorrentFreak Updates)

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    Telecoms Outfit Banned From BitTorrent Advertizing

    "A federation of video and media outlets has taken out an injunction against a major telecoms company to forbid them from advertising on a BitTorrent site and any other P2P site in the future."

    BitTorrent to be Pimped by Nobel Prize Winning Theory

    "P2P researchers are working with the Harvard mechanism design group on implementing the “Nobel prize winning” mechanism design theory into their BitTorrent client. The ultimate goal is to keep people sharing as much as possible without imposing share ratio sanctions."

    50x Faster Than BitTorrent? Dream On!

    "Yesterday, quite a few websites, such as TechCrunch, quoted Kaiser Kuo, who claims that is working on a P2P-technology that is allegedly 50 times faster than our beloved BitTorrent. Impossible of course, and we will show you why."

    DomPlayer Rips Off aXXo BitTorrent Fans for $$$

    "Internet connection and hardware aside, everything the file-sharer needs to share files comes free of charge - clients, media players, everything is free - so BitTorrent users beware: If you find yourself being asked to use your cellphone to ‘unlock’ something you downloaded, you are being scammed!"
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