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Thread: Sharing Corrupt Files On Purpose!

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    I found "barneyrubble2@kazaa" sharing over 1000 corrupt files. And no i havent
    tried them all, but all the ones i did download "at least a dozen" were all bad in one
    way or another. Is there any way to take him off line? I also tried contacting him but of course the message wouldent go through. What can we do!

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    ping his ip and report him to the riaa *evil grin*

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    im not sure
    I would block his ip using zonealarm and just delete the file so it doesnt spread. or you could hack him....

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    Get his IP address and have it added to the Peer Guardian database. Say it's a fake files server.

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    How can i get someones IP address? And how can i find this peer guardian?
    I have found several more people each sharing anywhere from 1700 to 3000 files and i would love to get them off line.
    "xynig51@kazaa drbeanz7599@kazaa" are just two more i just found.


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