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Thread: Firewalls And Uploading

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    I was hoping there was a user that could explain in PLAIN ENGLISH the procedures for checking and allowing users to download files from my computer while I'm behind a Linksys firewall. I've been searching through the forum and I keep hearing mixed information about needing to open specific ports. What is the real truth? I just want to be able reciprocate to users.. know give back a little...

    Thank you for the clear instructions,

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    I'm using a D-Link router and it hasn't had any effect on Kazaa afaik.

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    You can download and upload from behind a Linksys router without forwarding ip ports, however you can download faster if you forward the ip ports Kaza Lite++ uses and run KaNAT (v0.37 beta I think is the latest).

    Also, get a firmware upgrade for the Linksys router -- it will make the job easier.

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    Thank you for the initial info, but I need someone to explain to me the darn interface in the router. I see port forwarding in the router, but it has just never been explained how and what to do with those spaces, so they look GREEK!

    Ext.Port Protocol?
    TCP Protocol?
    UDP IP Address?

    what is this stuff?

    Then there is port triggering (which I have no idea how or what to use that for...


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    KaNAT will double your speeds.

    This is how I foward my D-Link
    1. Type in your browser, or click it.
    2. Type Admin and hit enter, no password.
    3. Click Advanced.
    4. Name - KaZaa
    5. Private IP -
    6. Protocol Type - TCP.
    7. Private Port - 1214 or whatever you use.
    8. Public Port - 1214 or whatever you use.
    9. Schedule - Always.

    Hope it helps.


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