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Thread: Activation On Norton 2004

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    Im seeing what the latest NAV (2004) is like and discovered what I had earlier heard. They have integrated activation into this product!. Basically this is the same as microsofts activation process. it looks like someone will just have to come up with a crack for it otherwise i doubt anyone will be upgrading to this. Very few new features that I can see so doesnt look like they will sell much of these!

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    Can't see going for that nightmare either when my NSW Pro 2003 subscription is good till 2041.

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    more then likly norton will force the upgrade by not support the older version once the service runs out and making people upgrade to the new version is they want to keep the norton service

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    the activation sux. i hope dat some1 comez up with a crack

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    how are good until 2041?

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    There is a LiveSubscribe crack on the network that will (supposedly) validate your Norton AV till 2041.
    It does enter that number on your Norton screen, but whether Symantec will buy it I don't know.
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    when i reinstall it.. it resets that..

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    I feel stupid. I actually paid for my subscription.

    25 $ :'(

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    Originally posted by stonecold1203@14 July 2003 - 18:46
    I feel stupid. I actually paid for my subscription.

    25 $ :'(
    Dont feel stupid I pay for my subscription also. That and my internet is the only things I will pay for .


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