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Thread: Is It Possible To Manually Unpack A .cab?

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    This is the first problem i've had with a fairlight release...okay when i install Unreall II and get up to the second disc i get this "fatal error: Mian App" thingy? anyone got any solutions? If not is their a way i can manually unpack a .cab file?

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    Sounds like an corrupt file problem.. What will you try to accomplish by unpaking the cab manually,( I mean diffrent then it being unpacked by a program). Where did you dl from?

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    first from kazaa(what the hell was i thinking?!?!?&#33 then from eMule, but i would accomplish a lot from unpacking the cab... it has all the files i need in i...

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    Winzip or winrar can unpack em.

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    thanx man...can i use win ace too?

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    I know what you get when unpacked, but what do you think will be diffrent unpaking manually or through program like winace, winrar,winiso,winzip???

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    it's worth a try at leats... anyway it won't rar keeps saying no archive found. Wow i nver thought i'd see the day that an FLT release failed me...this is indeed a sad sad day in history

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    soooo does anybody no how to repair data cabs...

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    did you try winiso??

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    um no? lemme try that...probably won't work though...

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