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Thread: Sanity Vs. Insanity

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    Infested Cats's Avatar Mike Victory
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    More and more I wonder just how insane I truly am, or if sanity is even a real state or just a different way to see things. If it is the inability to see reality and weigh raitionality, then I say 99% of the world is insane. I've opened so many doors of perception, looked at the third side of the coin, seen so much of the illusion as just that, and now I find it hard not to lose myself in thought. Lets say that I almost died on my motorcycle, and then wonder... Am I still here? Maybe my mind will not let me experience death and instead I will "live" a lie, still going about normal everyday shit while the rest of the world goes on without me. But then, what is a lie? If you believe it, then it's a reality... In some other dimension of possibility I'm sure the world is going on without me, but just the fact that I can sit there and fathom these thoughts seriously disturb me from time to time. But then, without these questions, I would be a leading a 9 to 5 life in a rush to get nowhere, I would get married, procreate and spread my seed and call it a life. That isn't life. That's survival.

    I guess what I'm getting to, is the thought that insanity needs a knew definition. Insanity is looking at something from a different perspective, it's questioning every little detail, every idea. Insanity is the basis of all inspiration. All great minds are insane. The powers of the world don't like the insane and deem them unfit for society, they don't want to have their boundaries broken, they don't want us to question the reality they gave us. Am I able to see reality? Yes, multiple realities. Am I able to weigh rationality and make decisions? Though others may not agree with it, yes, my decisions work for me, though other people think differently. I resent any psychologist who tries to judge whether someone is sane. We live in a society of judgemental, self-centered, egotistical pricks. "You're reality is far too different from mine, you are insane" What they're really saying is, you're thoughts scare me and I don't want to see things in your perspective. I am happy being a sheep and you are upsetting the shepherd. Spend time in the center that will bring you back in the safe confines of the fence.

    Yes I am insane, and in the meantime, all the "sane" sheeps in the world are settling for survival and unquestioningly obeying their sheperds and staying inside the fence.

    On another note, YES, I realize that there are loons who go around killing people and say that their dog made them do it. They have become so far lost in the ego that they lost all feeling and are desensitized to human life. That is not insanity, that is heartless and without any regard for the beauty of life. And society creates these killers everyday. But then, that is just my reality...

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    youre nuts....what more can i say?

    (no i didnt read your post....)

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    Still having trouble sleeping eh I.C. ?

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    that is so strange... I've thought the very same things. Other things include parallel universes where one choice I've made in one life line was different in another, and yet another, and yet another. And in the end we all end up at the same place.

    I do have trouble sleeping at nite. I find melatonin to work just fine for that. About 3mg. Perfectly legal too.

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    i luv this kind of shit... Infested Cats is truly insane but i like it

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    IC, what are you smoking? Wanna share?

    No really, that is some deep stuff. I don't have time to really get into it right now but let me throw these at ya.

    Can sanity exist without reason?

    Is reason merely a way of seeing (experiencing) reality?

    Does reality exist independent of reason? I suggest it does. The analogy of the tree failing in the forest, does it make a sound?

    Maybe reality ain't so f*****. Maybe reason is faulty. You know a tool that is no longer capable of doing the job because the "demands" of the job have grown to outstripe abilities of the tool.

    Have you ever heard of or read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig. Check it out, it's an inquiry into values.

    Hey, get some sleep eh?

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    It's actually very healthy to question your own sanity.
    Those who do not are the ones to suspect (politicians !&#33

    As you grow your own vision on society and moral ,you'll notice ppl are
    like sheep :so the question is understandable if you think for yourself.

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    This kind of thing can send u mad

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    sanity is so run of the mill, go there now and again to check it out but dont stay to long or you'll go insane. (me)
    most of the interesting people i know are, well not what you'd call the full hit. if you dont want a wife and kids nine to five mortgage etc dont do it. dont make you crazy, just your own person. sounds like you know your own mind to me.
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    im not sure
    Insane=cant type or control yourself(suicidal)-needs to be in a mental hospital
    Sane= Can control yourself
    Is that really you?

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