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Thread: Ip Binding

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    Anyone know of an application that will bind certain applications to a certain NIC? Currently I have an onboard and a PCI NIC. I would like certain applications to use the PCI NIC and others to use the onboard one. For example I would like utorrent and any other P2P applications to use the PCI one and any online multiplayer games to use the onboard one. I know some applications have that feature built into it, (ie utorrent with net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip) but others don't (ie xfire). I bumped into a little app called ForceBindIp, the only problem I have is ForceBindIp can't retain which application (ie: Xfire) should use which NIC once the application (ie: Xfire) is closed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    i know that netlimiter can bind your upload speed to certain programs so maybe it can do what you want also you should try it out...

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    Thanks totti... I'll look into it.


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