"In just a few months ShareTV has matured from a relatively basic TV-torrent site into a vibrant TV-torrent community where users can share, watch and discuss their favorite shows."

"The popularity of TV-shows on BitTorrent is enormous series like “Heroes” and “Prison Break” are downloaded over a million times in any given week mainly because the networks are hesitant to make their content available online worldwide.
This is in part what drives the success of sites like ShareTV.

“The flawed approach by which the networks do things. they really don’t make it easy to watch the TV-shows you want when you want.” Chris Richmond, the admin of shareTV told TorrentFreak.

The initial goal of ShareTV was to make it easy for a BitTorrent novice to download TV-shows. Chris said back in February that he wanted to make downloading TV shows as easy as possible. The focus of the site has shifted over time though, and it is much more than a regular TV-torrent site now. “I’m working on making ShareTV a large community for TV-Fans instead of a torrent site,” Chris tells us, “With enough people coming together we can influence the way the networks do things like what happened with Jericho.”

The new and improved ShareTV not only allows people to download torrents, people can also keep track of their favorite shows, give them a rating, vote for their favorite characters, edit show listings and much more. Right now, ShareTV has close to 90,000 members and around 28,000 visitors daily, but these numbers are likely to grow if TV-torrent remain as popular as they are now, and if Chris is not arrested like the admin of TV-links yesterday."

Source: TorrentFreak