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Thread: Terminator 3 For The Last Time?

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    ok i just got home from a tip to florida and i searched terminator 3, now hundreds of files are there, what is the best quallity so i know wich one i am downloading you know? this would really help and the other posts didnt really help much!

    sorry for the same question just looking for a diffrent answer? i guess?


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    if you have a slow connection download it here , just search for Terminator 3 tcf , and download either the "pio" or "tmd" version. If you got a fast connection , then go to , download bittorent , and do a search for "terminator" . There will be several files. by the comments , the 657MB file is the best, of course you could try and download the 1.6Gigabyte files too. ITs all up to you. Both will take a while to download , cuz its a popular movie. I personally think its a good movie. hope my dumb comments helped!

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    by the way , if u do go to . remember the file name "Terminator 3 centropy recoded divx" . and it says recoded , not recorded , ok? well bye for gonna go finish downloading it. i already saw it in the theaters...its awesome. i wonder why some people put it down so damn much!

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    lol for one thanks for the reply but do i need dsl to use biotorrent? cause i think that was a website right? and when i clicked on a filename i downloaded like a 2ook or something file that i couldnt open well with any avi preview or whatever!

    i would like the vcd quallity like the screenshot on vcd but i cant get it can you help me pleasEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? hehe


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    download bittorent
    Wow you missed that one fellah
    Bittorent is a client, but if you do not have dsl no point in explaining it to you.

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    hmmm so without dsl should not use this? cause thats what they said about kazaa and i am on dial up and use it every day!


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    THE BEST quality OF T3 MOVIE IS tcf-t3a.BIN & tcf-t3b.bin 2 CD'S around the 800mb each file, type the filename in the search for everything

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    No problemo! ok , well ...nope you dont need dsl , and yup bytemonsoon is a website. All you need to do is this go to , download bittorent 3.2.1 , install it , it doesnt put shortcuts of anykind on your desktop or on your start menu so dont look for it there. ok when its installed , just go back to , search for terminator , where it says "in(all types)" put "movies" . When it shows you the files , look for "terminator 3 centropy recoded divx" its the smaller version of the 1.6gigbyte file. (Its real good quality). When you find that file , right next to the file name , there is a "link" ..its says "torrent" , well you click there , and bam it will start the download. just remember to what folder you're downloading your movie , and be patient. i have been downloading for two days now on my 56k connection , i barely am at 15%

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    B) Search for "terminator 3 tcf" download CMC 2parts [pio] part1 [CMC] part2 exellent pic and sound. worth the wait I downloaded for a week but there's more sources now. ENJOY!!!!!!!!

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    type in the search engine CMC TCF


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