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Thread: What To Download?

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    OMG im not downloading somthing for the first time in 6 weeks!
    i need a good game thats brand new on the shelves or very recent. newest games i have are rise of nations and midnight club 2

    Is vitcong any good and is igi 2 worth getting?

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    U should get the game Pirates of the Caribbean it's very gd

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    I heard that to but I dont think its on KaZaA yet?

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    id get the torrent. its been out for a week or so. whats it like?

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    Its pretty good, an rpg, hard to learn the curve but u will get it in while! I have it, get it off of suprnova or search in google: bittorent sites and look at games there.

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    Yes I'm also playing it as we speak and it's not to bad but it seems a little slow paced for me I've gotten about 20% through probaly but I don't know if I'll bother finishing it, just a little too slow paced for me! I did like vietcong and still do, it's one of the few I keep on my hard drive for playing online. I also need some new games the one that I don't have yet is midnight club 2, is it a half decent game or should I not bother??

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    get midnight club 2. its a must. its loadsa fun and the online play is crazy! downloading vietcong as we speak 33% done

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    yea i see a midnight club 2 rip anyone can tell me dose it have multiplyer before i download. It if not its ok
    I have Mordens Audio Hack PLEZ stop emailing me

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    Ok making room on harddrive and will have midnight club 2 by tonight, have to try it, thanks.

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    1 pointer tho...if it starts crashing at a certain point in the game. drop the resolution to 640 x 400 till ur past that part then ramp it back up again to normal

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