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Thread: Downloaded Game Re-volt Car Racing

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    i have recently downloaded re-volt racing game for my son after an 18 hour download time i got my 90 + mb file only to find i can't run it
    ha ha ha
    after searching other probs regarding burning games
    i have come to the conclusion i dont know what i am doing
    so if anyone can help it would be great help
    the file downloaded as an application file and after opening it
    it opened as a winrar file ( in german) so i figured that entpacken
    may mean unpack so i did and ended up with the following files:
    a folder that said

    track 1 it contained these folders:

    crack > nothing in it
    mpeg2wave > nothing in it
    revolt > other folders in that
    revolt > anleitung (german) containing an empty zip file called anleitung zip
    securom > nothing in it

    i have looked for bin. iso. and anything else that looks interesting in the folders
    if anyone can help it would be appreciated by me and my son (who's favourite line to me is "Is it ready yet dad" thanks

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    dude this question is asked alot look at the FAQ's u'll most likely find ur answers there.

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    thanks looked there no help with my problem

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    I d'lded and installed that a while ago - i think off a torrent, but if i rember correctly, I think that is has a unpack file which will fill thos folders. After you extract do you have anything? there should be a file something like uaunpack, or something. I do not do rips often anymore so I cannot remember, but if there is nothing after initall unpack then forget it, if there is anything virus scan it, then click on em all, wtf right

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    If none of that helps here is ahsh of mine that i just found deep in the old Hard drive

    Length: 63752929 Bytes, 62258KB
    UUHash: =Dlr7ztHYfMZAmBi9euzQmMUY+O0=

    I am gonna asume that you do not know what to do witht that so if you were to go here LINK

    You would see the following

    How to use Sig2Dat to download files (hash)

    A Sig2Dat hash looks like this for example:

    File: Friends - 101 - Pilot.avi
    Length: 117977088 Bytes, 115212KB
    UUHash: =S8hsFRuHtrQFq58jEhj+ofMudZI=

    To download this file, do the following:

    1) Start Sig2Dat
    2) Select the whole hash (all three lines&#33 and copy it
    3) In Sig2Dat click on 'Paste from Clipboard' in the top menu
    4) If you did it correctly, then a .dat file should have been created by Sig2Dat
    5) Restart Kazaa Lite to make the file show up in the Traffic window of Kazaa Lite

    A great pin that apparently never gets read.

    Edit: To start sig2dat ( i assume you have an old version of K-lite) go to the folder that you installed k-lite to and open sig2dat


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