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Thread: My Contribution To The Board Pt.2

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    Hey everyone as you may have seen in my post in Movieworld i feel that it is time to give back, so i have finished the promised walthrough on Image files (bin,iso and so on). Please if you need help, or if you are a vet and have a few minutes follow this Link or the link in my sig. Please if you have any question see the bottom of the guide, vets feedback on things I missed or that need to be updated much apprecited.

    Hope this helps some newbs, and helps to keep the board free of all the "what to I do with this .bin"

    If anyone uses the Nero way, with bins and cues if you wanna either email the steps to the addresse given or post it here and I will add it.


    Edit: Yes I am gonna make a site out of it and include screenshots, I just hate writing pages so it may take me awhile.

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    Updated page to put files up in HTML instead of .doc for easy veiwing. Page to come (maybee).

    I know this is kinda of a bump but this page does answer alot of questions asked on this page, so i thin that it should be ok.


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