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Thread: Raikonen!

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    Finally, a spectactular race!
    This season was almost very dull but the last three races and especially the very last one makes the season one of the most great ones ever. Who could have tought Raikonen would win it?
    Hamilton Choked at the start, and made a big error. After a few rounds, when his car almost died, his championship was over.
    Alonso was a he was the whole season, just not good enough.
    With a big help from Massa, Raikonen was the luckiest one.

    It was a great race, with finally a lot of overtaking, a nice crash and the suspense of the championship.... I enjoyed it.

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    well this morning there was talk about BMW team cheating his way in the race, apparently driver didnt stop although his fuel temperature was high, if proven Hamilton could win the championship by getting those extra points.
    committee released BMW of the charges but mclaren team is not given up yet, they said they will appeal.

    i just noticed something... is England sports having any crisis or what, 1st football team lost from russia then rugby and now hamilton.
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    I don't see the appeal affecting the outcome, even if successful, there is a precedent where the team was fined (and possibly lost championship points, I'm not sure) but the drivers were not penalised.

    That said, I don't accept the significance of this being the last race. If this had happened at the European GP, then Hamilton could potentially have been promoted from 9th to 6th. At that time, no-one would have argued that those 3 points were not valid in the championship.

    The 3 points gained would have made him champion at the end of the season. It makes no difference that this happened in the championship deciding event.

    BTW - crisis, what crisis?
    Football team lost - no surprise from those overpaid prima donnas. Who really cares?
    Rugby - came back from a 36-0 mauling to finish second in the world cup. Not too bad I'd say.
    F1 - A rookie finishing second. Fucking brilliant I'd call it. A little polishing of his skills would have seen him win by a big margin.
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