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Thread: Problem With Vc Install

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    now I finally have got the real version it won't install.
    it give a component transfer error, is this fixable or do I have to download it again?

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    Sometimes and I emphasise sometime, if you extract the bin (is it a bin) to your hardrive and run the install it will let you ignore or skip the files. Wrtie down there names and stuff, where they belong and we will see if we can get them to ya.

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    it is a .bin but how do you extract it to the hard drive cause when you download it is is already on your hard drive?


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    For help with bins, check the link in my sig. As for extracting there is 3 ways - again my sig will help.
    Mount it and copy the files
    Extract it using Winiso
    Extract using isobuster (not detailed in the sig)

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    I ve created a back up on my hard drive of the bin file but what is next?

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    Run the setup file

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    I get the same problem (file transfer error) at about 40 % of the installation. so it can't be helped then? I am downloading a fresh version, maybe that one will work?

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    Hi I get the same but with the, do you have a solution please?


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