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Thread: How do u manage your Torrent sites...?

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    Hey guys

    Getting a lot of torrent sites nowadays, and i find it hard to maintain them all. how do u guys do that? apart from bookmarking ofcourse. u guys use any software or such?

    if u have some "strategy" , throw us something.

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    1. download one file from each site from time to time
    2. use firefox to open the whole folder of bookmarked at once
    3. login once in 3 weeks

    I think it's enough.

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    By seeing the title i thought you were asking how to manage all trackers without the accounts being disabled? That would have beeen difficult to answer. Why should you need to organize them when you can specify the user and pass in the bookmark itself (something i do), in firefox you can organize bookmarks, there is option for this. IE 7 also has this i think.

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    if you only have site's you need and use it's never a problem to "mantain" If you get sites for collection, good luck with that

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    you can make folder for categories like O-days tracker, Music tracker, XXX tracker or use urlbase for index

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    i visit mine favorite trackers everyday

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    I am using Bookmark in Firefox with three categories...
    First all 0 day trackers and trackers that i always used..
    Second all dedicated trackers....
    Third all trackers that i rarely used...
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    I have the login pages of all of mine in the address bar and I'm always logged in automatically.

    I tend to visit them as often as I can, usually once a day.

    In terms of bandwidth, there's no rule. It all depends on my bandwidth requirements and the current situation on every tacker. If there's an interesting MOTD on TTi, then for 24 hours my bandwidth is all theirs.

    Oink at Christmas freeleech gift season, and some less favorite but surely underrated trackers with often low number of seeds in danger to disappear also have priority.

    Limiting the speed of each torrent is also another issue, often very useful for different reasons.

    Downloading the same pack from multiple low-level trackers at the same time to achieve higher speeds is another trick I sometimes pull.

    But it's all down to how apt you are at getting the most out of your bandwidth, and there is no rule.

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    three basic things that will change your life regarding tracker managment:
    1) use firefox
    2) install 3 add-ons ==>, tab mix plus, faviconize tab
    3) make few groups on your online bookmark ( so it is
    easy for you to manage and access, open all the trackers you
    use all the time in many tabs on the same window, then make
    them smaller using right click > faviconise tab...

    like this i have constently between 40-50 tabs open, most of them trackers of course.

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