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Thread: Help Needed With Bin & Cues.

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    hi, im kinda new to all this so please forgive my stupidity.

    i have 2f2f in bin & cues (disc 1 & 2)... the bin file is 808mb & it wont burn on to a 700mb cd using nero.

    ive read bits about bin & cues (never used before) & i thought it should work.

    thanks in advance for any help.

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    you can try alcohol120% it has worked for me
    and btw it probberly will fit on a 700mb cd

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    Use the link in the sig it is all there.

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    Use vcdgear to convert those bin/cue files into mpeg files.

    Then you can burn with ease

    If they don't fit, make 2 cds

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    you could try mounting the image(the bin) with daemon tools and then copying the files to your hard drive then splitting them up or whatever(you didn't say what fourcc the vid was).

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