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Thread: No-one Lives Forever 2

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    Having just d/l and installed the above mentioned game
    I am not getting all the sounds in the game??
    I am getting the music etc. but just no speech???
    has anyone else had this problem?
    I checked the bin files when i finished d/l them and there was no corrupt files on either disc's!

    Cheeers in advance

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    I'm merely guessing here because you didn't note it...but was it a ripped game? If so, they probably deleted the speech.

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    No it was'nt ripped!
    It was 2* large cd's 700+500mb's!
    so doubt it!

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    i had the same problem

    are u clicking on the NOLF icon to lauch the game, if so, don't, use the Start icon in the games folder

    it worked for me

    good luck

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    Thanks i'll give it a try!!!
    let u know!

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    i have d/l nolf cd1 & cd2 711 & 508 mb files when i try to install the setup asks for cd2 . when i insert cd2 i get the followin error
    " component transfer error "
    what should i do??
    plz help me out

    tnq u!

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    It worked for me so maybe your download was corrupt or something?
    I just Can't get Any speech STILL???????

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    I'm quite sure it is not a corrupt file, i searched around and found other similar problems on other forums with people who i presume bought the thing. Example:

    The guy there told him to go here

    I'd suggest hitting ctrl+alt+delete and closing any programs or processes (not necessary to the Operating system of course) running in the background, then proceeding.


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