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Thread: Identify Unkown File Types

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    On occasion I seem to d/l files which have no identifiable file type. I've tried using the winrar, ultraiso etc to see the contents, but to no avail. I know that p2p networks are full of bogus files and misnamed fakes, but some of the unknowns I've run across are up to 700mb in size.. Are they other ways of identifying these files or veiwing the contents?

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    yeah my tip hilight the curser over the file and wait for the yellow box to come up and try to look at its detail description and filename

    actully normally when it says real its means fake!!

    also if dl is going so incredabily fast that means its most cernantly a fake

    also if a file has frn on the end u knwo its the real thing

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    Thanks for the quick reply..
    The yellow box doesn't give any help as to its file type.. I just find it odd that a 700mb file is just garbage.. Seems like there has to be something there other than just an file with no extension..

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    hi there !
    i've had similar problems untill i installed WinISO and Fireburner.
    they open up image files and give you a chance to get to the EXE file for installation. like you i could'nt imagine a file that size not being there.

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    Try looking at the files in DOS.

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    renameing the extension is the key

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    im not sure
    Hex Editor?

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    Thanks for the replies, but
    WinISO, UltraISO show nothing/ DOS shows no extension/ Don't know what to look for in a hexeditor to identify a file type..

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    don't use the 'all' search at all, this way you'll avoid getting files like that. Some times the description or comment might help (de colapse and lookj for ppl that have changed the title, they'll somtimes change the description and comments too)...

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    Quickview plus from the fosi site will open almost anything. If there's an .nfo file or a read me, it should give you an idea.


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