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Thread: ISO image

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    birney29's Avatar proud salfordian :D BT Rep: +9BT Rep +9
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    i have a ISO image its a DVD and wish too know how i burn it too dvd can someone please tell me thank you in advance

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    found pisexy from my good friend D3LBOY

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    I use poweriso myself. quick and easy.

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    birney29, there are a few problems with just downloading an iso and burning it to dvd, but if your sure its coded in your areas format (PAL/NTSC) and you have Nero installed, then just right click it and select "open with" Nero and nero will select the correct burning process for the iso. Then put a blank disk in the drive select a burn speed thats at least half of your max for the burner or disk type and let it fly.

    If your not sure of the format then use something like Ultraiso to open the iso file and extract the small vob file at the end of the large 1gig ones (the small file at the front of the large files is a menu the one at the end is the end of the movie) then examine that vob file with GSpot Codec Appliance to see if its PAL (25.000 frms) or NTSC (23 or 29.976 frms). If your area is NTSC and the file is PAL it may not play on your TV unless you have a player that plays both types (often a divx compatible player will play the other format from your area). But like I said earlier, if the download stated it was ntsc and thats your format then right click and open with nero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by import_fighter View Post
    I use poweriso myself. quick and easy.
    I think thats part of the problem I like UltraIso better but the trouble is the different formats that uploaders use . It can be daunting for a intermediate user like myself let alone a noob.
    Can anyone say daa. file extension ?

    With out knowing the format its hard to answer , Nero can do it but not very well , I'll leave it at that . Hey look on the bright side at least you don't have to convert it .

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    i think you should use alcohol it's the best iso and image burning software program it will support any type of iso cmd img or any other type of dvd file that you would like to burn. i've burned at least 30 dvd's with and have never ruined one yet.

    To burn A dvd you just serch for the file choose it and press next all the way to burn the dvd enjoy
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    acohol 120%

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    I use daemon tools, but then i have to burn in another program. Nero in my case.

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    install Isobuster.

    use Nero Burning Rom (not Express) to burn image. done.

    but that's what i do. no problems.
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    I found a copy of Nero 7 Ultra, and that works fine for me.


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