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Thread: Banned Ips

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    Where can I get that list that is used in the KaZaA for blocking RIAA, MPAA etc.? Does anyone know of any good websites with lists of banned IP addresses?


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    the list is in the directory where u installed klite in a folder called blocked ips (or somehting like htat). If u do a google or forum search for peerguardian ip ranges you'll probably find something, I don't know any personally

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    How do I know that Kazaa is blocking them or not?
    Do I have to go to some kind of options on it to activate it? Or does it automatically block them?
    And does Kazaa notify you once it blocks an IP?

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    might be a good idea to add these ip's to your ipfilter in eMule too (if you use eMule)...


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