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Thread: Guy Fawkes

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    as an american, i'm not intimately familiar with the celebration of Guy Fawkes Day, but i know the story of the gunpowder plot & all that.

    just curious as to whether Guy Fawkes is still considered by most brits to be a traitor, or if people are more sympathetic to him now (i.e. the other side of the story being that he wasn't the ringleader but merely had the sh*t luck to be the one caught with the match in his hand). does anyone actually admire him nowadays, seeing as how people have become much less patriotic/loyal than in the old days?

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    well, i suppose "traitor" isn't exactly the right word, 'cause any way you slice it, he was a traitor. but is he still considered to be a villain for trying to blow up parliament?

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    I don't think anyone trying to blow up government buildings or people could really be considered anything other than a villian, surely?

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    People don't actually give a shit about guy fawkes, it's just used as an excuse for fireworks n a good time really, no meaning left in it at all IMO

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    i guess he's symbolised as kinda a "good" person....

    the only real "automatic" association is to fireworks and beer, so i guess people like him for that; however i think people still don't agree it was a good plan (in general)
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    Originally posted by Proper Bo, I tell thee@13 July 2003 - 21:32
    People don&#39;t actually give a shit about guy fawkes, it&#39;s just used as an excuse for fireworks n a good time really, no meaning left in it at all IMO
    From that point of view, it&#39;s a bit like 4 July.

    No disrespect intended, merely from the point that we are all friends now, so it is really just a good excuse for a good party.

    Mind you, who needs an excuse for a good party ?

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    Guy fawkes is considered in the same realm as communism....It works in theory was good but doesnt work in practice


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