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Thread: Editing a torrent file to add/edit a folder/file

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    Lets say i have a torrent and it has a movie, the sample and the nfo in it.
    I want to edit the torrent so it can include a subtitle file.
    But the files are in my seedbox, and its going to be slow to recreate the torrent i had for it.

    Now i wanted to upload something and the folder had the rars inside, but since the tracker allows only unrarred files i had to stop seeding the rarred torrent, move the rars to another folder then create the torrent again.
    it would be faster to make a torrent with both rars and the movie file inside, then get the torrent to my pc and edit the rars out and save it again.

    Is there a way to add a file in .torrent or doing something like in my example without remaking it?
    maketorrent doesnt do that.

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    i'm not sure but u cannot do that


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