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Thread: Lesson In Bib And Cue

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    I have had a mixed success rate with downloads on kazaar. Some brilliant and some poor. Even my uploads even though I'm on BB abort all too often.

    But my biggest failure is trying to grasp what the b****y hell bin, cue and the other one is. All my DL's have been straight forward exe. type files. So if somebody has the patience, guide me through the DL and installation (and crack if that's necessary) of these bin / cue DL's. in simple English -for a simple Englishman

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    To try and minimize these question i have created a guide, use the link in my sig.

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    You can look at the Newbies read here first post in Gameworld, or I can tell it you in easy form.

    A BIN is part of a CD image which requires the correct cue for it to be burned to a disc. You must NEVER rename the BIN, or your CUE won't work. I don't know why you need the NFO, but just burn that too. And, if using NERO, don't go to the burn disc button - go to File, then Burn Image. You then need to find the CUE (make sure it has the same file name as your BIN) and open it. If a window pops up saying your burner does not support multi-something-or-other, click on the middle button, something liek Disable DDX.

    When you d/l the BIN, you can't open it, so that's why you burn it to a disc. If burned correctly, when you insert the disc, it should work just like the real thing!

    Hope that helps!

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    hi there !
    also a quick fix for BIN and CUE files
    just download WinISO and or Fireburner
    open up in these progs and presto !
    you can see the EXE for installation etc

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    u really dont need the .cue, cause u cant extract the image contents in Winiso.. then burn those contents to a cd in Nero.. no .cue needed.


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