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Thread: Help With Test Drive

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    Hi, I downloaded Test Drive 5 yesterday.
    I ran the executable and the files unzipped easily.
    When I ran the game, I was able to reach till the car and track selection options. But after that when I press the ok button, the game just exits and i get back to windows.
    I noticed that there are a lot of zip files in the directory where the game was unzipped. Where should I unzip those zip files? coz same filenames exist in more than one zips.
    It would really be very kind of you if someone could post a detailed info of all the directories, sub-directories and files in the game.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What happened? Doesn't anyone use Test Drive 5???
    Everyon seems to have it.
    PLease help me out so that even I can join the happy lot.

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