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    hi there,

    my problem is that the some games which are verified do not have any sources to download from.....

    for example.... i really wanted to download the fifa 2003 rip from myth and cooolway and i clicked on their link from this kazaa lite board.... the download ".dat" file appeared on the traffic list but when i click on resume to download, it can't at all.

    It always goes more sources needed and searching etc.

    Is there a way to tackle this problem?? because i really want to play the rip version of fifa 2003 (not cd1 and cd2)


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    Rips are becoming more and more diffucult o find because for one they suck, and 2 broadbanders do not usally download (we use .bin's) So probably no, you can try and jump nodes (file jump, supernodes)
    Also you could try to manually search for it you now know the size and name of the fileyou want, so try and search for it.
    Most importantly you could look throguh the board and see how often pople post the exact same thing that you just did.


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