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Thread: How To Rip Ps2 Games (not Burn Them)

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    hi there friends,

    i have fifa 2003 on the ps2 and i understand that you can use the ps2 emulators to play the ps2 games....

    however, i want to know if it is possible to rip those ps2 games and put it on the computer so that you can play them from your computer.

    i don't mean getting a mod chip and playing the rips on the ps2. i just want to rip the ps2 games and still play it on the computer..... so is tehre a way i can rip them?

    please help me out... thanks....

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    well you can rip them, even though its hard work, but even if you did there isnt a PS2 emulator out yet, and even if there was you would need a very very good pc to play the games on.

    to rip them all you need is alohol 120%, alcoholer and cloneyxxl to break the copy protection, then just rip it onto your hdd, it will be 4gig+ though and to play it on a modded PS2 you will have to burn it with a DVDRW.



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