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Thread: Does Anyone Use A Driver Update Prog?

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    I know some people avoid them, and stick to Windows Update, but My Drivers uses updated drivers from the original sites, instead of from *cough* Winblows */cough*

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    No, I just go and download the latest drivers from the site...

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    I guess I should also ask about people's successes with these programs. I find that with My Drivers 2.21, I have maybe one bad download (incorrect driver) for every two correct ones, which sounds like a lot, but I only have three out of date drivers, so it really isn't. I wish I had the time to uninstall (or roll-back) 20 drivers, so I could test it better. If someone has more results, I'd love to hear 'em.

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    Originally posted by Xilo@13 July 2003 - 22:35
    No, I just go and download the latest drivers from the site...
    People like you have WAAAAY to much time on their hands... Or very few drivers

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    Doesn't take that long since a lot of stuff aren't regularly updated like graphic cards and sound cards are.


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