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Thread: Is It Just Me?

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    What is with mp3 songs? Please someone explane me?
    I dont understand how can more then 1000 mp3-s (Cold, 50 Cent...)
    be fu**t up!

    You know that skuiking sound!

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    That same thing happened to me to. I had installed a controller card in my computer for a couple more harddrives. Then i reformated my computer and all my mp3 and that sounded like shit. If you have any type of ide or scsi controller card, update the drivers for it. Also update your soundcard drivers. These things can cause sound and music files to sound like shit.

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    No, I meen like songs are coded or something by somene.
    few seconds OK and than just SKUIK, like in horror movie Elm Street.

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    Try explaing a little more instead of writing down random thoughts. And yes, ALL my mp3 did that. They were all garbled, squeeked, crackled, popped, etc. until I updated my drivers.

    I meen like songs are coded or something by somene.

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    Dont speak that goog english!

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    Ah, my apologies. But yes, it is best to update those specific drivers.

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    OK I will try. Thanks!

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    are your speakers f*ked up?

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    static hum
    WTF is SKUIK ?

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    Sku...ik *I still have no idea*...i remember in a quiz they asked whether you knew what a sctief is??...anyone know what that is either??

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