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Thread: how could they do this to us?

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    i will never buy anything, not a single CD never!
    oink had anything i could ever think of
    i am so frustrated ..loved that site so much
    anyone know any other music tracker that could exchange oink?
    aldo i know theres little things that even comes close to oink

    i think we need to make something like a protestation - embargo
    on those companys , buy nothing from those bitches

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    Those "bitches" are the ones that put all that music on the shelves for pirates like you and many others to steal. Many people actually buy CD's because of downloading them. If it weren't for those companies, there wouldn't be no OiNK, E****, Pedro's etc.. Quit bitching about it and move on.. Shit happens.

    Same story as when Kazaa got busted time and time again.


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