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Thread: Requesting A Good Music Tracker (NOT mainly trance/electronic music)

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    Since OiNK is currently dead, I need a new source for music. I looked at a couple of alternatives, but they have almost only Trance and other Electronic music. I'm not really into those genres.

    I'm looking for a site that has a large amount of Hardcore music. Would indietorrents be good for me?

    I'm not looking to trade, sorry. I'd love a free invite to somewhere you think would be good for me, or even just the name of the place. I'd be extremely grateful if someone could help.


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    IndieTorrents is MOSTLY indie rock/indie pop, they have some rare stuff for other genres, but the amount doesn't compare to the two main categories.
    They also closed invites to keep "OiNK refugees" out.

    Have you ever tried KrayTracker? If you're interested, PM me your email.

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    well u can check STMusic, many ppl seem to signup there after the oink incident, also try FunkyTorrents though it's not as big (4473torrents)

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    Grind$oFine: Does KrayTracker have a lot of Hardcore (Hardcore Punk, NOT Hardcore Dance)?
    heis: I registered at STMusic, and it does have some of what I'm looking for. It's really hard to navigate though because people who upload mix Hardcore Punk with Hardcore Dance, and most stuff is really pooly seeded.

    Thanks for both of your help, can anyone give me any other suggestions?
    It looks like I might have to go back to good old demonoid soon. /me cries


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