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Thread: I Have A Fast Drive... But Its Slow To Start

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    I just bought a brand new computer... Im happy with everything except for my dvd drive. I'm using that for my primary drive and its very slow. I know it's not the specs of the drive... I think there is something wrong with it. When I put a disk in the srive it takes forever to startup. You can hear the drive turn on, then off, then on, then off etc. And when It does run it frequently has to "take a break" which causes the program i'm using to stup until the drive turns back on again

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    If you watch when it starts up like that, do the DVD drive activity light and IDE activity indicator lights flash alternately? If they do, you may have to return the DVD drive.
    I don't recall the technical term for the problem but it can be quite damaging to the rest of the system.

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    Ok... I'm not really too good with computers. I know IDE stands for internal drive electronics but what light??


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