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Thread: Pirates Of The Caribbean (or However You Spell It)

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    Does it suck? Because one of my movie critics in the paper said it was a waste of time. So...any opinions?

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    yea i have seen it. it was the best movie ever and the best of the summer. i would give it 10 out of 10. i have it if u want i can put some sig2dat links up here

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    my friend watched it said it was gr8 wud like to watch it again sumtime

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    I intend to see it. It sounds awesome, but I'm going to see it in theaters, because I like to hang out with my friends, and doing that (with the men at least) in front of a computer screen, all huddled together sounds a bit gay, (not that I mind, but they do)

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    its a very good movie and i say go see it in the theatre cuz its a good movie and i have 5000 shares of it on and i need more money

    but still it is well worth sitting in a theatre for almost 2 1/2 hrs. critics dont know what the hell they are talkin bout on the last few movies i went to the theatre for

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    I heard it was a great movie. Since none of my friends are interested in seeing it in the theatres, I'll just download it.

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    johnny depp seems to make very good choices about which movies he appears in. i'd be surprised if Pirates turned out to be a clunker.

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    Aight, cool I'll go see it I guess. Fuck the critic in my newspaper.

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    This movie is awesome. Plain and simple.

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    make sure u stay after the credits. there's something extra; not much, but hey, y not?

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