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    I dl age of mythology and when i installed it it takes forever to install so i deleted the game and i wanna know why thats happening since im dl another version right now.The file is not as big as age of empire 2 and empire 2 installed quickly and in bittorrent the game is 900+ mb.Thank You.

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    let me be the first to say...huh?!?!

    Smith is a bag of douche,FACT.

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    Click on this link and read the 2nd post.
    if u dont know what to do read the last post.
    if u r already dling these file then dont bother u can check by comparing the file name and the size in your traffic window.

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    i used kazaa to download an iso of the 2 cds, burned the isos, then installed from the burned CDs. afterwards, you need to get the no cd crack, then you can play it. just a suggestion.

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    Thanks but i dont no how to burn a cd and i dont have a blank cd.Could i over write a cd or something?And the step to step guide on how to burn a cd is so confusing so i really only dl cue. or zip or exe. files.Thanks any way.

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    well, the easiest way to burn a CD image is with Nero i think. just go to file burn image, selecet it, and click burn. easy as that

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    I dont have a blank cd and cant buy one.So help?Thank You.

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    Use Alcohol 120% or another prog of the like to create a virtual drive that way you don't need to burn it at all. It makes (virtual) drive that your pc kinda thinks of as a cd drive, then you just mount the file on the virtual drive then you can install it from there.


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