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    I lost my entire collection of books in a break up, and I wanted to revist the dragonlance world searching on kazaa has let me start up collecting some of the books, but there are missing books in the series. The Soulforge, Brothers in Arms, The Second Generation, Dragons of Summer Flame, Stormblade, Weasels Luck, Kaz the Minotaur, Galen Beknighter, The Entire Meetings Sextet series, and Preludes Vol 2 books 1 & 3.

    I thought I would ask here for help, hoping against hope.

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    got them all in my can of books in the boooks in a can section of this fourm u can get them there or u can come to soul seek and dl them from me in room
    KLF Bookworld im in there most of the time

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    Thanks for replying,
    I checked your books in a can (Great List) but did not come across the missing books in the series. I will try to get you in soul seek. but There is no room for the KLF Bookworld only Musicworld, there is a ebook section though.

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    u got to refreash the list to see KLF bookworld

    wich books where u looking for?

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    Thanks again, I finally figured out about the refresh and found you and browsed your files. But I did not see the missing books I mentioned in my first post. No where on the web did I find them. I guess I may have to either wait and keep checking or bite the bullet and buy or beg back my books.
    Again the list is as follows

    * The Soulforge
    * Brothers in Arms
    * The Second Generation
    * Dragons of Summer Flame
    * Heroes Series - Stormblade; Weasels Luck; Kaz the Minotaur and Galen
    * Preludes Series Vol II - Riverwind, The Plainsman; Tanis, The Shadow Years
    * Meeting Sextet Series - Kindred Spirits; Wanderlust; Dark Heart; The Oath
    and the Measure; Steel and Stone; The Companions


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