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    i just read sumthin on it....did anyone hear anything on it?

    i read that its a street racing game and you can cuztimize the cars in hundreds of ways such as decals, neon glows, nitrus oxside(NOS), breaks, tires, rims, bumpers and sounds great and the screenshots at are amazing for all platforms(u can see more at the ea games website)...of course before you may have all this, u gotta work for it my will work like NFSHP2 where you earn points and thats your budget so dont get carried away...

    well thats my summery for it...if i do buy it i will rip it or at least make an iso of the game...

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    I've read about it as well, it's supposidly EA's sequal to MCO(Motor City Online) but instread, this game features mostly imports. Cars are just about FULLY customizable and the graphics engine is supposed to be incredible, but don't jump up and down just yet...this game isn't out till Fall 2004.

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    looks like fast and furious the movies


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