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Thread: My Computer Is Slow And I Need Help!

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    Ok my problem is that i have a Hp 9870 and I want to upgrade it. I need more ram and I have no clue if Pc-800Mhz will work or the even newer modules of pc-1065 or something MHZ (RDRAM). I would also like a new P4 CPU and I need too know what GHZ will work up to the max the motherboard will hold. As well if any of you know, what Video card can my motherboard support up too??? i really want a GEForce FX video card and will 8x Agp work? If any of you who is reading this and have the same computer or know someone who has upgraded there's please tell me what I can do to improve my crap machine.

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    Although I use multiple HP computers, I pesonally do not use an hp 9870, though I would imagine that hp would be able to provide you with some if not all of the information that you seek.
    This link : will connect you directly to HP's main support page for your computer model. From there, you can navigate around and possibly find what you are looking for. If not, then you can send an e-mail to HP and have a certified technician review the schematics for your specific model and tell you what you can and cannot do when trying to upgrade your computer here:

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    HA! Be lucky

    Intel PEntium 2 400mhz
    192mb ram
    6gb hard drive
    ati rage 128 16mb
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    You think?

    Why would they delete the message but leave the title?

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    Looks like you are pretty well stuffed as regards upgrades.

    The motherboard won't take P4, 800MHz ram or 8x AGP.
    I think you are looking at a motherboard upgrade first, but you may find that it has a non-standard connector layout, if so you need a new case too.
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    Apparently the ram u need is pc600 RAMBUS 400MHz which must be bought in identical pairs or a single with a continuity module. U have 2 slots free (unless u've upgraded or bought more ram) and each slot can take up to 256MB. So unless u want to throw away your current 128MB of perfectly good ram then the max u can increase your ram by is 512MB (u should check u have slots free) .
    U've definitely got an AGP4x slot at least, so u can fit certain Geforce's but it doesn't make it clear whether u have an AGP8x slot so chances are u don't.
    It doesn't say here much about the exact specs or product code of the mobo so I don't know what the max processor.

    However, i saw somewhere else, someone said the mobo was the Asus p4t specs
    here which can take up to an 1.5GHz P4, can take PC800 Rimm and up to 512Mb rimm memory in each slot (so u could add up to a gig of ram in ur 2 free slots) . It also says it can take up to agp4x.

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    Originally posted by Keikan@14 July 2003 - 09:52
    HA! Be lucky

    Intel PEntium 2 400mhz
    192mb ram
    6gb hard drive
    ati rage 128 16mb
    Ha! Why don't YOU be lucky:
    Intel PII
    96 megabytes of ram
    8 gig hard disk
    ATI Rage Pro AGP 2X 8mb

    Machine only supports non ECC SDRAM!


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