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Thread: Pc Game Burning

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    hey can you guys post a topic in which it explains in detail how to burn pc games with different software because the newbie section you guys have doesnt really say how to burn to good
    and it should also have verifieds of the software u guys use to burn.

    just an idea dont get mad!!!

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    I did, I have been intentionally putting it all over the board today.
    Look in my signature at tht bottom the link is there. I had noticed that there is a lack of good information on how to do this here aswell, and a abundance of people not willing to help n00b's.

    Hope it helps

    as for verified all readily available programs, so no need. My ISP would bitch aswell as it is just on my PHP.

    EDIT: please feed back and let me know what you think

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    yeah dude u are really making this forum better you have helped me alot thanks!

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    Wow, know i remember why I did those. I have linked so may people to that page and not gotten a single respons bacl so thank you for taking the time to actully use the info given on this board.


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