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Thread: University Raids Graduate Student Office for Using BitTorrent

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    "Students on campuses around the US are having increasing success in dealing with groups such as the RIAA and MPAA, and the frivolous, and often perjurous lawsuits that they send. It is very disturbing then, for a graduate student at the University of Northern Colorado (UNCO) to be targeted by his own university."

    "Sam Zwenger is a graduate student at UNCO and, like many hundreds of thousands of students throughout the US, makes use of bittorrent. On one particular day, however, he was pulled out of a class, to be admonished by a representative from the university’s IT department. In his hands, a network hub, and power supply, obtained from Mr Zwenger’s office; from his lips, and warnings that such devices were not allowed, to stop downloading illegally, and not to use so much so much bandwidth.

    Whilst the latter two are getting to be de facto when it comes to IT departments around the US, what troubled Mr Zwenger most of all was how the IT representative came to be in possession of his networking equipment. It was connected physically to his computer, in his office when he had left for his class, and that office was locked. It wasn’t until he had entered his office afterwards, and found his apple laptop devoid of running programs, that he grew concerned."

    For more information, click the source link

    Source: TorrentFreak
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    When will they upgrade libraries to servers?

    "Hi miss, do you have this movie?"
    "Sure do, just log into main mov server and watch"

    What is the point of 1000s of people on campus downloading the same shit? When they could have it automated and not waste bandwidth.

    I only read the title of this thread.

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    ^^hah. that reminds me of long time ago, using public pc's on campus for couriering and storage. Fxp was the technology for me.


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