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Thread: Pirates Of The Caribbean Help?

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    Ok Im sorry if this is the wrong forum but its the only one I saw that looked even close. ( please re-direct me if I am wrong&#33
    Anyway. Has anyone else downloaded a version of PoTC? from kazaa? I have tried 2 different versions but both wont work. They are marked as AVI. But they wont play in any avi players saying they arent valid. The only indication they might be something different is that ones name has TEG_VCD, and or telesynch(?) in it. Any clues what that means?
    Again sorry for posting here if this is the wrong board but any opinions would be appreciated!! Thank you!!

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    I am having the same problem with Legally blonde 2 so far I have tried 12 different players and not one supports these formats. I really could do with some advice aswell.


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    make sure you have the right codecs and stuff.

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    try the K-lite codec pack!

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    having the right codecs doesnt seem to be the prob though. The prob is that its not a valid avi file. So says the gspot program and all the players ive tried. I dont know if I should rename it or convert it etc.. *sigh* oh well!

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    they r probably blank files, theres a few in kazaa under potc and lg2

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    blank files? no such thing.
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    odds are its fake.

    Im getting the svcd of pirates done by tcs... ill post it up eventually if no one else does.


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