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Thread: infraction

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    I received an infraction from Barbarosa for just posting in this thread. I just noticed it today.

    My post is deleted there. Reason: Invite spam.

    My post read "pmed the url"

    My question is "whether the invite spamming rule is applicable to every where on the forum? If YES, why the RULE is stickied only on the 'bittorrent invite section'? What's that 'invite spam' i posted when the thread is no way related with invite trading?"

    I never traded here or posted anything on the trading section of this forum except for 1 or 2 comments on someone's post and they were not related with trading or simply giving a good luck, or bumping or writing 'Pmed'.

    I hope this is to clarify a doubt and make it clearer to others who might get confused and get infractions. Please do not take it in a negative way.

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    Your post read, simply:

    Quote Originally Posted by silhoutte
    There are numerous reasons why mods issue infractions, but the top ten or so are listed with a name for us to identify them by. A shortcut, of sorts.

    Invite spam is just the name of that infraction shortcut for the mods as that is usually the section in which it is issued.

    I usually take the "Invite" off the name and put the rest in as a custom infraction. I know that Barb doesn't spend as much time in that section and hense, most likely didn't think to remove it.

    With that said, the validity of the infraction remains intact. These guidelines should be adhered to in any section of the board with the exception of the Lounge.

    Hope that clears things up a bit.

    The FST group

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    ah..That sounds much better. thanks for the quick reply.

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    Sorry, didn't notice that it wasn't in the invites section. Infraction will be reversed.

    Some people raise alot of reports, I don't always get to check each one out as thoroughly as I perhaps should.

    EDIT: You could have PMed me about this you know


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