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    how do i download games over mIRC? also im looking for sims unleashed and superstar if anyone can help me.

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    go to, go in the search box, type in the name of the file, a list should show up(it might not if there are no files listed by that name), the names in red are offline so do not pick thoes, but on the other ones, there is a number that looks like this #_(number fills the blank) click that number and let your irc client load(u should have mirc)...sometimes it could take about a minute to 2 to connect...when you enter the chat, press ctrl+V(it pastes) then press enter, then a box should pop up and press ok...also sometimes firewall settings may not let the come thru but its not very common...but before all this, go in the option in mirc which u should have(the entire box where you type ur nick name)on the side, expand the DCC category, go to the folder part, and disable the DCC ignore and uncheck the box that says ''Turn ignore back on in:" you should be able to any more questions PM me...

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    Or do a search on google for a program called Packetseek.


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