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Thread: What The F***

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    What the frell is happening?

    Just spent a couple of hours downloading the third in a series of short art-house
    films about rampaging cyborgs time-travelling to, respectively, kill or protect
    the protagonist. I am fairly sure you wouldn't have heard of it and neither would
    the MPAA...

    The reason I picked the pair of links I did was because of the time honoured rule:
    "Go for the one with the most results!" I would have thought that 289 users was
    a fair enough indication of the liklihood of a good transfer, (and not one of the file
    sizes or names in the list differed from the other 288.)

    So, how come when it comes to playing them through a dozen different utils,
    ranging from BSPlayer and WinAmp to TMPGEnc and VirtualDub, I just get two
    hours of 4:3 ratio silent blackness? ?

    I have yet to encounter, after over a year, an actual corrupted file but i'm
    willing to allow for the possibility, but 2? At the same time? Don't think so...

    I can understand that the Militant Philm-makers Against Advancement might
    put phakes out there (a' la' RIAA) but, surely to hell, not all the 289 users
    involved would be spoof IP's and if not, surely they wouldn't keep a duff file
    they had downloaded?

    My head hurts... :'(

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    WOW! 289 is a LOT of people to have it wrong...have you been through all the other stuff of checking codecs, etc?
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    Those damn little art house films.

    It doesn&#39;t really surprise me, though.
    Lots of folks dl a file and plan on watching later. Until they do, it just sits in their Shared Folder being uploaded and the mistake is not noticed for some time.

    In the future, use the verifieds and AVI Preview.
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    Hi, Vivitron & Clocker.

    Yes, 289 does seem like a heck of a lot to have not noticed, even by &#39;net
    standards. Hence the mystery.

    Regarding your point, Clocker, as always I tried previewing after about 70+
    megs per file but thought, on seeing the black screen, that maybe this was
    a codec AVIPreview had possibly not been able to decode etc. As I am on
    DSL I thought it worth the time to find out.

    GSpot Codec Snooper discovered something very interesting...
    It was uncompressed RGB Frames
    It was three frames per sec. (3&#33
    It had no audio at all, and - most impressive of all...
    It was okay&#33; (As far as file integrity went...)

    Finally, your point on Verifieds is well taken except almost everytime I try one
    there seems to be hardly anyone with the verified file or it comes in at about
    .0000000000005 kbps.

    Keep it real.

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    irc, emule, or bittorent for movies. kazaa is an utter waste unless it&#39;s a popular dvdrip of snatch, fargo, matrix 1, etc. not only do people leave it in their folder overnight after downloiading but people don&#39;t even change the file name back after they&#39;ve had it for awhile.

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    I dont see whats so terrible with downloading movies on kazaa. They are usually correctly named and if not, just use avi preview for 2 secs and find out. Dls are fast and its easy to start and stop downloads unlike bittorrent.
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