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Thread: Seaga Megadrive Emulator

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    Can any 1 help me out.. iam after a Sega Megadrive Emulator and two games

    Terminator 2

    and Pit Fighter

    i have tried everywhere but all i get r sites that have broken links or sites that just ask u 2 vote...

    any help would b appreciated...

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    here you can get the roms you asked for , you just have to make a profile (or register it is the same thing)
    here is one mega drive emulator but in other countries it is called genesis
    and here you can get many genesis/megadrive emulators
    just look under emulators to pc and there you can find many emulators to mega drive/genesis.

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    Here's another good site that has alot of diffrent roms for many diffrent platforms it's in french sort of easy to navigate but you can paste this in a google search to translate it over to english.
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