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Thread: Some Help Needed :-)

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    Hi there, I donít have a lot of PC knowledge so any help would be great.

    I am wanting to put my primary harddrive as my secondary and put my new harddrive as my primary is this easy to do? and how do i do it? as I have never donít this before and I donít want to spend the money to get sum1 to do it for me.

    Also while am askin, am wanting to change my cdrom to a dvdrom, is it just a matter or pull out, put in and restart?

    Thanks for the help

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    On the back of each drive there'll be a couple of jumpers, if you've got your manuals just take a quick look in them and set the jumpers for master and slave, (I think master should always be primary and slave secondary but i'm not certain of that) then u can just switch the cables round. Do u have an os installed at the moment or r u formatting / cleaning it all out? Cos I don't think any os would be too happy to have all the drives switched round and ur computer might not boot.

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    You could simply just set your intended (new) primary as your secondary and copy the contents of your current primary to that drive then delete it from the other drive then swap the drives around and it should boot.


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