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Thread: Best for movies?

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    nom nom nom BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    What would you say is the best tracker for movies? Which tracker has the largest selection at reasonable speeds? Specifically for action/comedy. (not TL, Demonoid already there) thanks
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    Polarbear's Avatar deep funk BT Rep: +5
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    scene: you are fine with tl.

    other: kg, cinemageddon, cinematik, hdbits (if you're into hd)

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    Swebits + tti and tl will give everything that you need talk to me in pm and i'll give you a tti invite

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    goem is nice, too, but it is kinda slow on some torrents since users can upload their own.
    and Demonoid is gonna have the largest selection, but the speeds are bad.

    There are sites for OLD movies and obscure movies, and foreign movies, but if you're not into that there's not much more you can do... TL and Demonoid cover a decent amount of ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarbear View Post
    scene: you are fine with tl.

    other: kg, cinemageddon, cinematik, hdbits (if you're into hd)
    + and cinema-obscura (for old movies )

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    best if
    no reg reqd

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    albatrossSKYER's Avatar t|h|e|s|c|e|n|e BT Rep: +4
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    thedvdclub is a good site for movies
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    I understand what you mean to ask, but there is no 'single' tracker for your movie needs.

    It's really irritating when people come up with an answer 'tl' for any question when tl has nothing to do specifically for movies being a 0-day tracker compared with others mentioned here.

    Polarbear and Blackbird already answered your question. But you can't just stick to one of them or even 2. 70% of my dl are movies and what i do is i have a collection of movie trackers where i download movies from.

    But if i come up with an answer it'd be czone cause its easy to get one (considering you trade seeing your rep, and my apologies if i'm wrong) and fast and better than tl anyways in movies.

    I'm more into hd trackers, and along with others, are sufficient for my movie needs.


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