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    Can someone tell me what is the "RIAA" (I'm from southamerica, those guys don't exist here) and how can the fu** u up?.

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    Recording Industry Association of America

    Edit:just noticed the topic.Kazaa lite related??

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    What can they do if they catch me sharin?.. or it's only for the us?

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    The RIAA is only interested in American users. They have no jurisdiction outside the U.S.

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    wohoo.,. I guess I'll be free a lil longer....

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    Share away

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    you're damn right...

    if u find me, you'll probably get it!

    We all share with a kazaa lite program...
    a kazaa lite program---

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    Ok Im another thats CORNFUSED! .....Is it or isnt it ok to download songs through Kazaa??? Is the RIAA going after people that are downloading MP3's from ALL the file sharing software co. ? even if the software co (Kazaa) is legal to download?

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    Go for it. If they catch you, just say you were looking for the RIAA version of the song. Those are legal cause they're released by the organisation representing the artists. And they aren't valid files anyway. Tell them you were curious

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    Download whatever you want! Your chances are higher winning in the lottery than being sued by the RIAA.

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