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Thread: Need explanation on Multiple IPs

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    Hey, everyone ...

    Most trackers allow multiple IPs, that is following sessions from different IPs for the same user.

    What does that mean exactly?

    I have a friend with a high-speed connection with whom I'd like to share some of my accounts.

    So, basically, can be both use it simultaneously without any limitations? Are are there limits we should keep in mind?

    In other words, since a torrent is associated with a passkey, can we both for example leech and seed a couple of torrents at the same time, from two different IP addresses?

    Or can we only log in from two addresses, but not have torrent activity at the same time?

    I would really appreciate some feedback on this.

    Thanx in advance.

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    The short answer is no, the long answer is you can have multiple IP addresses for a torrent session, but you cannot leech or seed the file from 2 locations, this is classed as a ghost leech and is a cheat which will bring you an instant ban, invite your friend to his own a/c's, sharing your a/c's with another is always dangerous anyway.


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    i believe the term "Multiple IP" is that you can log in from different locations/ ip addresses without any issues, but obviously when 2 people are using the account, it is not allowed ...this is aka sharing acc as mention above ..MOST TRACKERS DO NOT TOLERATE THIS

    good luck

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    Well, I've seen some trackers explicitely allowing account sharing in the name of faster speeds and easier survival, so I was talking only about those trackers.

    Of course I didn't mean seeding the same torrent from two different locations, I meant seeding and leeching different torrents from two different locations at the same time. Is that allowed? Or are there some limitations to that as well?

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    if u're talking about trackers that allow shared accounts! probably u don't have any limitations when u do that!

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    Ok, thanx ... Well, there's nothing left but to try that. Thanx again.

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    Effer, that is allowed, thats fine

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    As far i am concerned i use multiple ip on some to leech n seed n one to browse the tracker. Hasn't got any prob with this.

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    I believe TL allows you to upload from upto 3 different IP's at any 1 time but only downloading from 1.

    So if your on a tracker like that, You could download stuff while your friend isnt, Then when you have downloaded it, Your friend can download one to seed etc.

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    Thanx for all your help guys ... I know about that rule on TL.

    I will use this only on trackers that allow this, so I won't have any problems.

    Thanx again.


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